Moving Tips

As your moving date gets closer these tips will help you to make sure that your moving day is less stressful.

2 weeks to go

  • Continue with the non-essentials packing.
  • Label boxes according to the rooms that they are going to go in when they get to your new house, not the rooms they have just come out of as the two may not correspond.
  • Add a brief list of contents, even though you think you will remember you probably won’t.
  • Arrange for all your utilities to be disconnected.
  • Inform Foxtel, Telephone and Internet providers that the service is to be transferred to the new address.

1 week to go

  • Continue with the packing
  • Make sure beds are stripped and bedding left somewhere accessible
  • Make sure all of your last minute crockery or cutlery are washed and packed ready to go
  • Disconnect all your entertainment equipment and pack them back in their original boxes if you have them. Keep leads, remote controls etc together and pack into an essential items box.
  • For flat packed furniture disassembling is advised before the removal team arrive.
  • If you have garden equipment please make sure they are cleaned before removal. Sheds should be dismantled before the removal team arrives.
  • Do not water pot plants for a couple of days before you are due to leave. This will prevent leaking in the removals truck.

Removal Day

Allocate a box or bag for essential items, include things that you will need when you arrive at your new property. This might include, tea/coffee/milk, cups, crockery, cutlery, snacks, toilet roll, cleaning cloths etc.

  • Make sure the property is clean
  • Stay in the house until all boxes are packed, check the house for additional items.
  • Disconnect all appliances
  • Disconnect washing machine and drain out the water
  • Dismantle the beds
  • You can leave your clothes in your drawers
  • Keep bedding somewhere safe so you can make beds up when you get to your destination.
  • Remove anything that might obstruct the removals truck
  • Clear doorways
  • Keep children and pets out of the way if possible